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Failte!  Welcome to Ireland!

I’m just back from Ireland! I was privileged to visit counties Cork, Clare, Kerry, Galway, Donegal, Sligo, and Kildare and I’m still visualizing every shade of green that exists.

“Failte” is the Irish word for “welcome”. It’s pronounced fawl-cha and it’s a spirit that permeates the entire country. Arriving in any restaurant, B&B, castle, museum, hotel, pub, or activity (boat rides, horseback riding, seaweed bath, Cobh heritage tour, Carrowmore megaliths), I was greeted by “You are very welcome!” It was so apparent.  It wasn’t a one word “Welcome”, but it included the entire sentence “You are very welcome”! Indeed, this is what I felt from beginning to end during my time in Ireland in the most vibrant of villages or verdant of valleys. The failte spirit flourishes in the countryside and fills the atmosphere with a friendly force that energizes the traveler and creates an atmosphere in which one can travel, discover, imagine, wander, learn, and enjoy the landscape, the villages, the cities, and every shade of green known to man! I cannot help but wonder whether there are more sheep or shades of green.

I will be writing more about the Emerald Isle in future blogs, but I must share my delight and appreciation for the FAILTE spirit that I felt. It’s a phenomenal experience to be in a country where the people are the greatest natural resource. Truly, the Irish are a treasure without measure!

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