Dordogne Tour Packages

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Book one of our Dordogne Tour Packages in the beautiful Dordogne Region of France. The Dordogne is a picturesque region in the Southwest of France. It’s a pristine area that abounds in beautiful villages, fantastic food (foie gras, superb wine, and more!), prehistoric caves (think Lascaux), lovely rivers, charming castles, and an atmosphere that still keeps it rather undiscovered (in comparison to many other parts of France). It’s not easily accessed, so the Parisians don’t frequent it in the numbers that they do Provence and the Riviera. It’s an area that should be enjoyed with a tour package for several days.

A Paris Travel wants to help you enjoy this most amazing gem of France! We’ll help with your tour package to get to the Dordogne from Paris or from wherever you’re arriving (will book trains or transfers) and then we’ll happily book one of our tour packages. The Dordogne is a place to relax and not to rush. A Paris Travel is here to arrange your touring enjoyment.

Along with the set itineraries as described below, we can privatize these tours and are happy to customize your Dordogne sightseeing. Contact us to begin planning with one of our Dordogne Tour Packages to discover the beautiful Dordogne region!

Dordogne Tour

Book a Dordogne tour to visit the Dordogne region in Southwest France. Based in the town of Sarlat,  your Dordogne tour will immerse you in the wonders of this area.

Dordogne and Lot Valley Tour

Tour the Dordogne and Lot Valley regions of France with this tour that is based in Sarlat. During your five days of touring.