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The Caen Memorial is a museum located in Caen, in the region of Normandy. The Caen Memorial offers a very excellent Normandy D-Day Tour from Paris starting with your arrival on the train in Caen.

Established in 1988, the Caen Memorial has tried to show how an understanding of the world creates a better knowledge of its history.  Its paths take you right to the heart of the 20th Century history, both before and after 1945. An ambitious layout leads the visitor on a journey through history and a reflection on the future. The Caen Memorial also attempts to demonstrate the demands and fragility of peace and human rights.

Built on the site of an old bunker, the Caen Memorial was inaugurated on June 6, 1988 (the 44th anniversary of D-Day) by President François Mitterrand. It was later expanded by President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder.

The Caen Memorial provides a thought-provoking meditation on the evils of war, the importance of learning from past failures and successes, and the difficulty but necessity of finding lasting peace.

The museum traces the collapse of peace in the ’30s and the outbreak of World War II through film footage, static displays, and information panels. The museum also has sections on the Cold War and 21st century terrorism. There are memorial gardens, anti-violence sculptures, and two rusted girders from the Twin Towers. Truly the Caen Memorial museum wishes to be a museum of peace.

You can book a D-Day tour to include a visit to the Caen Memorial. A Paris Travel can arrange a tour for you to visit the Caen Memorial and to also discover the D-Day sites of Normandy. There is a bus tour to Normandy which visits the Caen Memorial as well as a minivan tour from Paris. You can also take a train to Normandy and be met when you arrive by train. From there you will begin your Normandy tour by first visiting the Caen Memorial. There are many ways to enjoy a tour to Normandy.

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