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  • Extend Your European River Cruise

    Extend Your European River Cruise

    You’ve booked a European River Cruise! Great! You’ll be in Europe and since countries aren’t far from one another, it’s an easy and exciting opportunity to extend your cruise with... Continue reading

  • French Riviera

    French Riviera

    The French Riviera is often called the Cote d’Azur. It is on the Mediterranean coastline in the southeast corner of France. Nice on the French Riviera is a city of... Continue reading

  • ¸Abbaye Senanque


    The Essence of Provence is a beautiful aroma, a picturesque sight, a marvelous market. It is quiet and vibrant. It’s the seaside fjords of Cassis and the Lubéron hillsides. It’s... Continue reading

  • Unlocking the Dordogne

    Unlocking the Dordogne

    What’s the Dordogne all about anyway? That’s what I thought and I find that so many eager travelers ask me the same. What is the draw of Dordogne and how... Continue reading

  • Normandy


    Normandy! What an historical treasure this place is! To enjoy a Normandy tour, click here to read about our Normandy tours. This region of France is two hours from Paris on France’s... Continue reading