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  • Rouen and Joan of Arc

    Rouen and Joan of Arc

    The trial of Joan of Arc began in the city of Rouen on this day in 1431. Rouen is located in Northern France and is in the region of Normandy... Continue reading

  • Essence of Paris

    Essence of Paris

    The essence of Paris. Qu’est-ce que c’est? What is it? It’s a mystery and every traveler to Paris tries to figure it out, to discover it, to emulate it, to... Continue reading

  • Heroes and Heroines

    Heroes and Heroines

    Like so many last Sunday, I watched the Super Bowl (and for once, the team that I wanted actually won! Congrats, Ravens!). I couldn’t help but notice the deification that... Continue reading

  • Souvenir Shopping in Paris

    Souvenir Shopping in Paris

    We all want a souvenir of Paris. (In fact, the verb “souvenir” means “to remember” in French). Where you’ll shop depends upon what you’re looking to buy and the amount... Continue reading